Hey there! In late 2016 I started a blog around a (then) new technology called .NET Core aptly called .NET Core Tutorials. From humble beginnings writing blog posts on my lunch breaks, we now reach over 120k monthly readers and have helped thousands get to grips with the fledgling framework.

Fast forward to 2019, and the little web framework that could in Angular is still putting up a good fight against React. While Angular is far from perfect, it’s learning curve is extremely low and is a great introduction to building SPA’s. Thus Tutorials For Angular was born to help those young and old in Angular make sense of those little nuances that Angular so loves.

Let’s Get Personal

But if we want to get personal, my name is Wade and I live way down the bottom of the South Island (very inventive name) of New Zealand in a city called Dunedin. We get approx 3 days of summer down here, with the rest of the year being somewhere between a blanket overcast sky to full snow days.

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